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Musk Rs

Product Code :MUSK-RS-ITA
Botanical Name :Jasmine Sambac
Plant Part :Flower
Country of Origin :India
Blends Well With :Jasmine, Rose and Sandal wood
Color & Odor :Characteristic odor
Method of Extraction :Hydrodistillation
Weight & Rate :5 Ml (INR 500)  15 Ml (INR 1500)    
Total Amount


This tree is basically grown for its seeds and fragrant flowers. Attar made from Musk is yellow in color and possesses characteristic aroma of tropical hibiscus bright yellow Ambrette flower. This rare attar has enchanting musky scent and has long been appreciated as high prolific perfume. Musk attar has sweet, rich, musky, fatty, nutty and floral overtone and has powerful and tenacious scent.

Common Use:

Musk attar is useful in the treatment of joints pain and muscular aches.Since musk attar is composed of essential carrier oils, spices, natural herbsand rare flowers; it is brought in use for medicinal purposes also.

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