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Chameli Green Attar

Product Code :CMG-RS-ITA
Botanical Name :Flower And Blend Of Many Essential Oil
Plant Part :Flower
Country of Origin :India
Blends Well With :-
Color & Odor :Floral Smell
Method of Extraction :Hydrodistillation
Weight & Rate :5 Ml (INR 1100)  15 Ml (INR 3300)    
Total Amount


It is inhabitant of temperate and tropical regions. Chameli is processed for various reasons and is hydro distillated to obtain one of the most versatile Chameli attars. Botanically, Chameli is called as Jasmine Grandiflorum flower. The small amount of extract is collected which has true Jasmine essence.

Common Use:

Chameli attar is said to increase vitality andhelps in creating strong sense of protection against distressing influences. Thisattar is often used in rituals like in worshiping God as it provides calmnessand peace to mind and soul.

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